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'4 mm'
Non Sparking Ring Spanner 41 x 46 We Have All Sizes Available
Makita Power Tools ( made In Japan) We Have All Range available Like :- Screw Driver, Drill Machine , Impact Driver, Impact Wrench , Rottary hammer, Demolition Hammer , Mettal Cutting Saw, Angle Grinder,
Hydraulic Crimping tools 16 To 1440 mm2
Insulated torque wrench MS100N0 Other characteristics: insulated Torque: Min.: 4 Nm (2.95 Max.: 20 Nm (14.75 The MS100N0 manufactured by Sibille Fameca Electric is a Ratchet torque wrench which comes with a square drive of 3/8". For this specific unit, it features its series of standards which include IEC60900 and EN 6789. This is the ideal tool for precision tightening and for loosening bolts or nuts.
Electric High Torque Gun Wed series Made In Usa Torque Capacity :- 139 to 7999 nm # High performance bolting tool with automatic digital torque # Digital set point # Password Protection # Torque Control during loosening # Life time cycle counter for maintenance # Custome prgramming