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Kudos Hydraulic Puncher INR   0 INR  0

Kudos Hydraulic Puncher

Detail Height : 371 mm Weight : 13 kgs ■ Specifications : Throat Depth : 70 mm Max. Pressure : 700 bar Oil Required : 116 cc Max. Output : 31 tons / 305 kN ■ Punching capacity Max. Thickness : Steel Plate : ≦10 mm Copper Plate : ≦20 mm Aluminum Plate : ≦20 mm Max. Diameter : 20.5 mm 20.5 mm diameter hole with 10 mm thick mild steel. For angle iron, plates, beams and bus bars. ■ Features : C-Head made by forging for greater strength. Convenient handle for easy carrying. Base stand for easy positioning and accurate punching. Single action piston / cylinder arrangement reduces iron chippings. Punch and die changeover tools included. Operated by any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 700 bar (10,000 psi). Efficient and safe to use. ■ Accessories : Round Punching Dies for mild steel (10.5, 13.5, 17.5, 20.5 mm) Hand Pin, 4 mm T-type Wrench



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Hydraulic torque wrench INR   285000 INR  285000

Hydraulic torque wrench

ATWS Series Square Drive Hydraulic Torque The new locking coupler ensures the oil keep free access Laser with the pressure-torque table enables convenient operation Compact desigh with the raw material of advanced aluminum-titanium alloy,which intensifies the strength and toughness of the fuselage comprehensively The 360° degree swivel is free to operation with no space limitation. The reaction arm with 360° degree trimming style allows placing in any support point. Torque Capacity :- 183- 26000 nm

INR 285000 INR 285000


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