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Enforcer 100 And 200 ton Hydraulic lift system for easy, Precise Position of 100 or 200 Ton puller Adjustable jaws mean they always pull on a flat surface. Retaining chain holds jaws in place during positioning. Grip-O-MaticĀ® feature means jaws grip progressively tighter as more pulling force is applied. 100 ton hydraulic cylinder is single-acting, spring return type with a maximum working pressure of 10, 000 psi (700 bar). Lifting bracket allows puller to be lifted if the workpiece center is more than 36" (914 mm) off the floor. Adjusting screw allows operator to move vertical position of the puller. Spring loaded feature means Enforcer 100 will align itself on uneven pulls. Hydraulic pump is a 2-stage, high pressure unit controlled by remote hand switch with 25 foot (7, 6 meter) cord. Tow bar provides puller with plenty of mobility. Pushing adapters have a diameter of 4 1/8" and 2 1/2" (105 and 63, 5 mm).
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